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Thursday, August 31, 2006



1: 最开始是想从gtk的层面去解决这个问题:
GdkEvent my_event;
然后填充这个事件得结构: (这里得event是一个实际的按键事件)
(my_event.key).keyval = GDK_1;
(my_event.key).type = event->type;
(my_event.key).window = event->window;
(my_event.key).send_event = event->send_event;
(my_event.key).time = event->time;
(my_event.key).state = event->state;
(my_event.key).length = strlen("hello");
(my_event.key).string = "hello";
(my_event.key).hardware_keycode = event->hardware_keycode;
(my_event.key).group = event->group;

gtk_propagate_event(GTK_WIDGET(widget), (&my_event));


main (int argc, char *argv[])
Display *display;
Window focus_return;
int screen;
int revert_to_return;
int i;

if (argc < 2)
printf ("usage: ./sendkey key1 key2 key3 etc.\n\n");
return (1);

if ((display = XOpenDisplay (NULL)) == NULL)
printf ("Unable to open display\n");
return 1;
screen = DefaultScreen(display);


XGetInputFocus (display, &focus_return, &revert_to_return);

for (i = 1; i < argc; ++i)
XEvent ev;
KeySym key;
ev.xkey.type = KeyPress;
ev.xkey.window = focus_return;
ev.xkey.root = DefaultRootWindow(display);
ev.xkey.subwindow = None;
ev.xkey.time = CurrentTime;
ev.xkey.x = ev.xkey.y = ev.xkey.x_root = ev.xkey.y_root = 0;
ev.xkey.state = 0;
key = XStringToKeysym (argv[i]);
ev.xkey.keycode = XKeysymToKeycode (display, key);
ev.xkey.same_screen = True;
XSendEvent (display, focus_return, True, KeyPressMask, &ev);
ev.type = KeyRelease;

XSendEvent (display, focus_return, True, KeyReleaseMask, &ev);

XCloseDisplay (display);

return (0);

typedef union _XEvent {
int type; /* Must not be changed; first member */
XAnyEvent xany;
XKeyEvent xkey;
XButtonEvent xbutton;
typedef struct {
int type; /* KeyPress or KeyRelease */
unsigned long serial; /* # of last request processed by server */
Bool send_event; /* true if this came from a SendEvent request */
Display *display; /* Display the event was read from */
Window window; /* ``event'' window it is reported relative to */
Window root; /* root window that the event occurred on */
Window subwindow; /* child window */
Time time; /* milliseconds */
int x, y; /* pointer x, y coordinates in event window */
int x_root, y_root; /* coordinates relative to root */
unsigned int state; /* key or button mask */
unsigned int keycode; /* detail */
Bool same_screen; /* same screen flag */
} XKeyEvent;
typedef XKeyEvent XKeyPressedEvent;
typedef XKeyEvent XKeyReleasedEvent;



3.直接向XServer发出请求,让其产生一个XKeyEvent事件,具体这个事件应该发给谁,就不管我们的事情了, WM会让其发送给当前的Focus窗口.


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